Content Curation Tools For Brands

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Therese Torris suggested me this her interesting and long article. Excerpted from it:


« Content curation help brands increase their visibility and their customer engagment. 

– Content curation does help content discovery.

– Social content curation fosters customer engagement.

– Corporate curation tools help create a competitive advantage.

– But content curation is no panacea for failing content creation.


Most of us do “curate” content in that we collect, filter, edit, and re-dispatch online information related to the topics that are relevant to our friends and followers. We want to become the go-to person for our target audience on the topic we curate.


Content curation is much more than content aggregation. A brand curator handpicks the content that matches the interests of his target audience: He/she filters it to keep only the best. He/she also possibly edits and comments it, before posting the curated result on multiple media.


The emphasis is on “partly”: curation tools assist curators, they don’t do away with them as people able to make intelligent judgments about which content adds value to which topic and its audience.


***Content Curation Delivers Visibility and Engagement

a) visibility:

By organizing their content around topics shared with their audience, brands active on social curation sittes increase their chances to be discovered in a relevant context.


b) engagement:

Content curation does not only bring visibility, it also fosters customer engagement by adding external quality content that adds:

– Relevance;
– Unique content;
– Fresh content;
– Optimized content;
– Rich media;
– Trust;
– Entertaining content… »


The original article is analyzed with more information and with examples about different content curation tools. 

I thank Therese to mention me as her favorite curator. Thank you so much!


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Check out also her presentation:


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